Tenants Directory

100 Crimea Street

A Units B Units C Units D Units

The “A” Units

Access from the street level entrance at 100 Crimea St .

A101 Canadian Union of Postal Workers

A102 Guelph Historical Society (GHS)

A2 Sonic Revolutions Vinyl (David Davies)

A3 Printed to a Tee

A4 Health Insights

A5 Guelph/Wellington Stroke Recovery Canada Chapter

A6 Peak Performance Athletics (Andrew Karkoulis)

A7 Backpeddling

A8 BDC Manufacturing and Services Inc. (Brian and Deb Cripps)

A9 Spiritwind Kitchen Office

A10 Spiritwind Kitchen

The “B” Units

Access to the second floor units is from 100 Crimea St .

B1 Guelph Food Bank Storage

B2 Guelph Girls Hockey Assoc. (GGHA)

B3 Crimea Street Studio / Dsign Custom Artwork (Carolyn Riddell)

B4 Aggie McCormack – Artist

B5 & B6 Vermeulen Mgt. Services / WJ Vermeulen – CA

B7 Jaywil Software Development Inc.

B8 & B10 Spiritwind / Noah’s Ark Childcare – Storage

B9 Senyk / O’Flanagan Studio

B11 Jessica Masters Artist Studio

The “C” Units

Access from the rear courtyard

C1 D.A.B. Residential Property Management (Derek Ball)

C2 CUPE 241 – Outside City Workers Union

C3 Glass Gallery – Jason Sharer

C4 Eldon Morris Design Studio

C5 Guelph Minor Baseball Association (GMBA)

C6 Guelph Minor Football Association (GMFA)

C7 Shift Landscape + Urbanism

C8 Duna & Gertie eco refashionistas – Creative Spark

C9 Veldman Manufacturing

C10 & C11 Guelph Minor Hockey Association (GMHA)

C12 Guelph Food Bank (GFB)

C13 Guelph Food Bank Clothing Exchange

C14 Spiritwind Christian Centre / Guelph Food Bank Warehouse and Storage

C15 Guelph Food Bank Warehouse and Storage

C16 Guelph Girls Minor Softball Association (GGMSA)

C17 Guelph Minor Lacrosse Association (GMLA) / Royal City Regals Lacrosse Association (RCRLA) / Royal City Lacrosse Association (RCLA)

C18 & C19 Royal City Musical Productions (RCMPI)

The “D” Units

Spiritwind Christian Centre of Guelph Offices – SCC
531642 Ontario Inc. / Spiritwind Centre

95 Crimea St.

Noah’s Ark Childcare (NAC)

Spiritwind Christian Centre (SCC)

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